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Painless Dental Injections

Most patients indicate that having a painless dental visit is of utmost importance to them

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Painless dental injections

Most patients indicate that having a painless dental visit is of utmost importance to them. However in more invasive procedures like tooth extraction , an injection is required to numb the teeth with local anesthetic before dental treatment is carried out. Traditional dental injections in the cartridge can be frightening to adults & children. It is because the holder for the local anaesthetic cartridge is rather large but the needle is actually very fine. The sight of the metal holder sometimes frightens toddlers and adults thus makes it difficult for them to accept further treatment.

Some dental work done to repair decayed teeth is also accomplished using local anesthetic. Our dentist is trained to administer the injection with minimum discomfort. Without discomfort, most children will participate in the treatment very well, watching the procedures and having a positive experience. All dental procedures will be thoroughly explained to your child by the dentist and her assistant at the appropriate time in terms that the child can understand.

Smilepoint has recently introduced a new technology and technique for giving local anesthesia (LA) to patients (adults and children) before dental treatment, without the discomfort of conventional injections.

A computerized system, delivers local anesthesia to patients in a way that significantly reduces the pain and discomfort of injections in the mouth. This technique is especially popular with adults with dental phobia / dental anxiety and young children.

The computerized delivery system controls the flow rate and pressure for a more comfortable injection. The anesthetic solution is delivered via a narrow plastic tubing in a pen-shaped handpiece. Book the machine before your appointment by simply mentioning painless dental injection.

After local anesthesia is administered, most dental procedures can be carried out painless as the whole area is numbed up. After the treatment , please take care not to accidentally bite/traumatise the numbed area as there is often no feeling. It is particularly important in children. The feeling of swelling is also normal as it is a feeling numbness. A look into the mirror will reveal that there is actually no swelling present.

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