Do I Need an Injection for Dental Procedures?

Treatment 3 scaled - Painless Dental Injections

Having a painless dental visit is of utmost importance to most patients. However, in more invasive procedures like tooth extractions, an injection to numb the area before the dental treatment is carried out. Some dental work done to repair decayed teeth is also accomplished using local anaesthetic.

Our dentists are trained to administer the injection with minimum discomfort. Without discomfort, most children respond to treatment very well, watching the procedures and having a positive experience. At Smilepoint Dental, we love children. Using the appropriate terms that are easy to understand, the procedures will also be thoroughly explained to your child by the dentist and their assistant.

Painless Dental Injections

Did you know that the main source of discomfort during an injection is not actually from the needle itself? The pain is a result of the pressure and volume of fluids being injected into the gums.

Using advanced technology, our painless dental injections utilises a computerized system that controls the flow rate and pressure. This allows us to deliver local anaesthesia to patients in a way that significantly reduces the pain and discomfort of injections in the mouth. 

This technique is especially popular with adults with dental phobia/dental anxiety and young children. 

Painless Dental Injection Cost

This is a fee estimate & subject to change. Please check with your clinician for an exact fee based on your unique clinical condition.

Painless Dental Injection160.50 (w/ GST)


After the treatment, please take care not to accidentally bite/traumatise the numbed area. This is common amongst patients as there is often no feeling in the area. It is particularly important in children too. The feeling of swelling is also normal as it is a feeling numbness. A look into the mirror will reveal that there is actually no swelling present.

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