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Bridges For Missing Teeth

What is a bridge?

Tooth enamel

Teeth Bridging is a dental treatment to replace one or more missing teeth in your mouth, whereby an artificial tooth is fixed permanently to adjoining teeth which are crowned.  It is a similar procedure as doing a crown. The adjoining teeth are prepared to receive crowns.

Which is a better option to replace missing teeth – implants or a bridge?

Every patient is unique. Depending on individual cases, the dentist may suggest to do a bridge, denture or implants to replace missing teeth.
During the initial consultation, the dentist has to examine the gum health, amount of bone structure present and the condition of the adjacent teeth. Bridging normally involves 2 visits, after the initial consultation. On the first visit, the teeth adjacent to the gaps are prepared. If the teeth are not root canal treated, local anaesthetic is usually administered. Once the teeth have been sufficiently prepared, moulds of the teeth are taken and these are sent to a laboratory for fabrication. This stage typically takes one week for completion due to the exacting nature of the task. A temporary bridge is provided during this time.  On the second visit, the quality of the bridge is evaluated by the dentist. If it is deemed satisfactory, it is cemented into the patient’s mouth permanently.

Good oral hygiene is important or else, the bridge may lose it’s support if the adjoining tooth and gums are damaged by disease.

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