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Braces in Singapore

Smilepoint offers student prices for braces to all full time students of primary schools, secondary schools and tertiary institutions, including polytechnics & universities. We are located at Holland Village MRT Exit A, which is just a few minutes away from  NUS, Singapore Polytechnic, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, among others.  Call 64751028 or make an online booking today.

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Easy installment plans  are supported:

initial placement of braces from $475, followed by monthly payment of $170. Applicable to all full-time students of local public and private institutions (International Schools not included).

Orthodontics(commonly known as Braces) is the art of repositioning teeth in the mouth, such as straightening teeth or closing gaps. Orthodontic treatment helps with how you bite and improves your dental aesthetics.

During orthodontic treatment, patients are required to come for regular checkups and adjustments to ensure that the desired result is achieved.
Is it really cheap? Just compare with other institutions:
NDC 3,330 – 4,870
NUH 3,500 – 4,500
KTPH 3,600 – 4,200
  • all excluding consult & investigations fee.

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At Smilepoint Dental Centre, our student rate for metal braces is $3,500 as advertised. . When you book your appointment, and before you see the dentist on the day of your visit, we will make sure to explain to you the full details of the braces plan.
Smilepoint offers metal braces, ceramic(tooth-coloured) braces and Invisalign(clear aligners/trays).

Metal braces allows a change in colour of the modules(around the metal bracket) every adjustment visit.
Ceramic(tooth-coloured)  braces are similar in size to metal brackets but are less noticeable as the colour helps to blend in with the natural teeth.
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Is it true that braces treatment causes a lot of pain?
Doing braces is not very painful but some discomfort should be expected during the initial treatment phase. This is because the gums need to get used to the extra bulk of the brackets on each teeth. There may also be some rubbing and abrasions against the inner-cheek. You can use an ulcer cream or place wax on the brackets to help with this.  Subsequently, during the braces adjustments, patients may also experience some tightness but it should not be very painful.

Can I just do the upper or lower jaw only? This depends on how the upper and lower teeth bite together, the location of teeth crowding and the position & direction of the teeth to be moved. Most people need braces in both upper and lower jaws to achieve a good bite and well aligned teeth.

What do I need need to do when I wear braces?  Maintain excellent oral hygiene Brushing and flossing may appear quite difficult initially but you will get accustomed to this. You have to brush your teeth at least twice a day, floss daily and use an interdental brush. It is very important to have good oral hygiene as you don’t want to end up with decayed but straight teeth at the end of your orthodontic treatment! You will also need to have regular cleaning and polishing at the dentist. – Avoid certain food Sticky or hard food can cause the bracket to drop off, loosen or break. They may also bend the wires and bands which, causes additional stress on the braces. This also lengthens your treatment time.

How long do I need to wear braces? The time frame varies for everyone. Generally, it takes about 1.5 to 2.5 years to complete the treatment but it depends on the type of orthodontic system you choose, complexity of the case, age, patient’s compliance and how fast the teeth move.

After braces, do I have to wear retainers?
Yes, definitely! Retainers are very important because they help to preserve and stabilize the new smile you received from the completed orthodontic treatment. Wearing your retainers help to limit the movement of teeth to their original position before the treatment (which is the last thing you want to see!). Wear your retainers indefinitely as long as you want a beautiful smile with a set of straight teeth!

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