Braces Problems: Brackets, Modules, Bands

March 11, 2015 by smilepoint

When you’re going through braces treatment, all sorts of things can happen (especially at the beginning) that may cause you to worry! But fret not, most of these occurrences are no big deal at all. Here we’ll try to let you know what to do for all of these various issues.

First of all, a brief explanation of the parts that make up your braces. Let’s have a look at your braces again:

braces model 300x239 - Braces Problems: Brackets, Modules, Bands

The first thing you may notice are the metal squares attached to the teeth. These are called Brackets.

Next is the Wire going through the Brackets. And lastly, the colourful rubber bands on the brackets, are called Modules.


Now that we know the proper name for everything, let’s look at some common unusual mishaps:

My bracket came off! What should I do?

First of all, you can relax. One or two brackets coming off is no big deal. You’ll be completely ok just waiting until your next scheduled appointment. Your treatment won’t be jeopardized.

If, however, you do feel some big discomfort or more brackets came off, call us and check when you’re able to come in earlier and have them fixed.

My wire came out of the metal loop on the back off my teeth, what should I do?

Once again, there is no reason for alarm. It’s ok to wait until your next appointment. Besides that, it may also be possible for you to make sort of a temporary quick fix. If you look at your back tooth, you’ll see that there is a little metal loop attached to it. You can try inserting the loose end of the wire into the metal loop.

If you cannot manage and it’s causing you discomfort, just call us and see when you can come to get that taken care off.

My module came off! What should  do?

You guessed it, there’s no reason for alarm. One or two or even three modules coming off is no cause for alarm. It won’t do any harm to wait until your next appointment.

If a lot suddenly came off, though, then just give us a call and we’ll schedule you in to get them fixed.


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